White Paper: Wind Action on a High-Rise Building of a Typical Shape – Model Tests in Wind Tunnel by Design2e

Authors: Aleksander Pistol, Renata Klaput, Andrzej Flaga

Abstract: This paper focuses on wind tunnel model tests conducted at Wind Engineering

Laboratory of Cracow University of Technology in order to determine wind action on

construction and façades of a high-rise building located in the centre of Warsaw, Poland. The

building is 95 m tall. Wind pressure was measured at 256 points on the exterior surfaces (walls,

rooftop and terraces) for 24 different wind directions with a step of 15°. Model tests scale was

1:175. The model included subject building and its surroundings in the radius of 175 m. Pressure

coefficients determined in the tests allowed for calculation of aerodynamic forces Fx and Fy and

moments Mx, My and Mz on each storey of the building and its foundation. The investigations give

a good oversight not only of wind pressure distribution on a high-rise building located in dense

urban environment, but also of the actual influence of wind action on the cladding and the bearing

structure. Based on the tests, general instructions were released for consulting engineers and

façade designers.

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