Left Bank


A two-tower development consisting of 20 and 33 storey residential blocks located on the corner of Sheepcote Street and Broad Street in the centre of Birmingham.

Full modal analyses were undertaken for both towers in response to the building requirements for disproportional collapse assessment, which included consideration of significant vehicular impact.  The commission included us undertaking the section 278 design and management for the development.  Assistance was given to the contractor with swept vehicle analysis for site access during construction and temporary works design for the tower crane amongst other elements.

Unique features

To achieve economic viability our innovative engineering design solution allowed us to reduce the amount of slabs, columns and materials used without negatively impacting on the structural performance, safety or aesthetics of the building.  These reductions improved the efficiency of the buildings, netted a 23% reduction to our carbon footprint for this project and yielded a 10% financial saving of £3.5m on the £35m budget for what was originally two 20 storey towers.  The savings allowed the client to build taller and ultimately reach the status of creating the tallest residential block in Birmingham 2019.

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