Priors Hall

As Designer and Project Manager on this high profile residential development, it is our responsibility to design the infrastructure to allow the construction of up to 5100 homes within 1200 acres of land and also includes over 37 kilometres of primary and secondary roads.

Our role is to work for and alongside with various major house builders to support their own housing ‘parcels’ as a designer and to administer the various construction contracts as Project Manager to the delivery team.

Unique Factors:

The site was formerly a quarry and consists unconsolidated fill to a depth of up to 26 metres. We have produced a design which has removed the need for extensive land engineering or expensive piling yet provides the developer the opportunity to develop their proposals as required.

This design and methodology has been agreed and validated by the NHBC and to date has provided savings to the delivery team of over £20M since being commissioned in 2013.

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