Essex Street

Essex Street will be a 28-storey residential tower with 154 high-quality city apartments and internal/external residential amenity spaces.

The site is small and was previously occupied by a now derelict and perilous high street bank with basement vault and adjacent retail outlets that will need to be carefully demolished.

Highways border two sides of the site with occupied properties on the other two sides that are built right up to the site boundaries. A crane will therefore need to be placed within the footprint allowing the core to be built to the top of the tower, after which a second crane will be seated on top of the core.  Floor plates will need to be partially built and then filled once the second crane has been erected.

Temporary supports will be incorporated at ground level on the party boundaries for the surrounding structures until they are replaced by the new structure which will occupy the full footprint of the site.

The building designs have undergone thorough wind tunnel testing in three phases:
-To support the micro-climate study required by Planning.
-To gain a measured and accurate understanding of the wind forces on the building’s structure and its cladding.
-To produce a sophisticated appraisal of the wind vortex shedding on the building and its ability to induce local accelerations to the upper floors causing discomfort to occupants.

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