Alex Building

The building provides accommodation for the University of Swansea’s School of Architectural Glass.

The existing building was officially opened in 1887 and extends to 1,557m2 and is Grade 2 listed as the ‘Central Library’, Alexandra Road,

The new build extension provides an additional 657m2 in a modern glazed double skin facade extension and incorporates the new reception entrance, workshops, study spaces, new lift and seminar space.

Unique Factors:

Design2e were responsible for the design of the energy saving, double skin inner glass walls. The project instructed the idea of being able to see the original building through the new façade.

The glass acted as a thermal flask, which gives a highly energy efficient finish. This efficiency was reached with solar shading with coloured glass sheets which were designed with toggles to cre­ate ‘shelves’ for the glass, to keep maintenance as simple as possible.

The glass sheets were hung with springs in order to keep the tension levels needed for when the tem­peratures differed.

In order to assist the airflow within the building, our smart design was utilised where we placed fans at the top of the building and vents at the bottom to regulate the flow within the building.

The design itself was entirely bespoke, with each element being created and designed specifically for the needs of our client.

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