White Paper: Aerodynamic interference between high-rise buildings in dense Development by Design2e

Authors: Andrzej Flaga, Aleksander Pistol, Renata Kłaput, Łukasz Flaga

For the 15th International Conference on Wind Engineering Beijing, China; September 1-6, 2019

ABSTRACT: This paper focuses on the aerodynamic interference phenomena between a high-rise

building and the neighboring complex of three smaller buildings. They are located in an area of

dense development of high-rise buildings in the center of Warsaw, Poland. The comparison was

based on the pressure coefficient values on the walls and rooftops of the smaller buildings in a

situation with and without the near higher building. Wind tunnel model tests were conducted in

the Wind Engineering Laboratory at the Cracow University of Technology in the scale of 1:300.

About 600 pressure taps were implemented on the outer surfaces of the buildings models. Wind

directions at which the most significant impact was noticed were identified and referenced to the

local wind rose. The differences in wind pressure values in both situations showed strong aerodynamic

interference for some of the considered wind directions. Based on the tests, general instructions

were released for consulting engineers and façade designers.

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