Our Team

Dave Tyson

Managing Director

Janet Tyson


What makes Design2e different is our people and their commitment to deliver on our promise to always give value to our client. Our staff are not only well trained professionals, but they are also highly enthusiastic and share the company’s vision to constantly improve. They evoke our values and enjoy challenging themselves to improve and be able to push the boundaries of what is possible.

We believe our reputation is built upon the integrity of our team and how we conduct our business. To achieve this, we promote clear communication and transparency of service.

Working collaboratively across the broadest of teams possible, we focus on understanding the client’s needs before expanding into a detailed analysis to capture what the client and all other stakeholders consider “what success looks like”. We then develop a working matrix of what the preferred engineering solution must have to achieve success. No engineering solution has been considered at this stage but this understanding is tested directly with the client against their brief.