Our Process


Understand the issues & key variables

Working collaboratively across the broadest of teams possible we focus on understanding the client’s needs before expanding into a detailed analysis to capture “what success looks like” from the perspective of the client and all other stakeholders.


Develop options and propose preferred solution to stakeholders

We then develop a working matrix of what the preferred engineering solution must have to achieve success. No engineering solution has been considered at this stage but this understanding is tested directly with the client against their brief.


Develop and complete design

Weighting the importance of the stakeholder’s success criteria, we marry the “what success looks like” matrix and the engineering challenge matrix to develop a set of design goals from the most important down to the nice to have. It is at this point, as a group, we discuss and identify all potential engineering ideas/solutions.


Procurement, manufacture, fabrication and construction phase

Assisting with procurement as required; we assess suitability of stakeholder and third-party operations including proposals and processes – check and report on compliance with design requirements, meeting design assumptions and risk management.


Compliance, review and documentation

All information is logged in the correct format and medium and distributed according to agreed internal protocols and procedures. All incoming information will be checked for accuracy, relevance and understanding.