About Us

At Design2e we have a high level of expertise, ranging from Structural Design to Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Design.

Our approach is one of innovation, high quality and cost effectiveness. We provide services that go beyond client expectations. Our ingenious and forward-thinking approach offers services rarely found elsewhere. Using specially formulated techniques, that utilise our own purpose built in-house process, we can assure the most technologically advanced solutions across all project sectors, at no extra cost.

We operate from our head office in Birmingham, at the heart of the Midlands, making Design2e easily accessible for all.

Our Added Value:

We never settle for being satisfied with our first answer at Design2e.  We are always challenging ourselves with the question ‘have we achieved the most effective and efficient way to build this project or is there a better way that is worth exploring?’

This is why we commence every design commission with a detailed review and stakeholder analysis to ensure we meet and satisfy both the commercial and end-user aspirations.

We understand the commercial nature of construction and we do not innovate for the sake of it; we do it when we believe there is the possibility of a real return for the extra effort required.

Our culture is one of constant improvement where we cherish all marginal gains in the knowledge that they all add up to increasing our ability to provide our clients with greater value.

To achieve this we use our knowledge and wisdom with a combination of ingenuity across the fields of known science and the application of established technologies. We examine a wide range of opportunities in various combinations so that we can provide the greatest value.

It is our experience that there is always a simplicity and elegance in those solutions that work best and that is reflected in the ease in which they are built.  We understand that less is more, less structure is more value and is more sustainable.

Our cost effective approach has benefited our clients, stakeholders and the environment in which we build via a lower carbon footprint.

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