A Covid-19 SME Bank Support Analogy by Design2e

It has been continually raining for months now and all the rivers are in flood and starting to break their banks, obviously the water is already spilling out in those areas not protected but it will soon reach and surpass even those with barriers and swamp them too, particularly as the land behind the breaches is joined to land behind the barriers.

Yes, you can head for the hills or build your own super high barrier and live there. Ask yourself what life would be like if all you can see is the inside of a barrier or nothing but water?

In this analogy, small businesses are the barrier builders who are maintaining and increasing the protection from the immediate risk of local flooding, while generally larger businesses have been able to pick their spot, where the river is less likely to flood in the first place. The Banks are sitting on the hill, of course.

The flood of Covid-19 is biblical and the whole landscape is changing. The government has realised that and has taken measures to help businesses build and strengthen their barriers and we, as those small businesses, do not need those people on the top of the hill stopping that process because they are worried about getting their feet wet, this is a crisis and it is all hands to the pump. It is not the time to start looking at the fluff in your navel, but to act, as the more you can save now the better the future will be.

Banks need to find a more creative and constructive view to the perceived risk and look to the future. If not, it will not be just the river banks that are breached and need repair but, given the tsunami that we all face, the Banking world will face a society that is able to deploy technology and the collective sense of community to work together without the need for them at all.

Even the great world obsession of celebrity has started to crack, and these are generally individuals that are liked. Banks, well I am not too sure they could consider themselves in that category of popularity stakes and think the world is not watching their actions without repercussion’s. Like the support that is coming for the NHS from all directions, this is not the time to think/talk about it but it is the time for action to support business and accept that you will not get everything right and do not need to.

For all that you do you now Banks, you will be rewarded in the future, as when businesses succeed they will remember who was there when they needed them most!