Design2e Searching For Tomorrow’s Engineering Stars by Design2e

A Midlands-based engineering design and management consultancy has taken steps to navigate its way around the unprecedented skills shortage in the industry by producing its own “conveyor belt of talent”.

Design2e holds its Annual Graduate Assessment Day to cherry-pick the best talent from the traditional Red Brick universities, as well as other leading universities such as Warwick, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Bath and Durham.

Wayne Holt, Executive Director at Design2e, said: “Finding the right graduates is hard – there is a real shortage of top-level talent in this country.

“We have to find a way to produce a conveyor belt of talent so that we always have the right people within the business to keep moving forward whilst maintaining our standards and working ethos.

“Consequently, we launched our Annual Graduate Assessment Day. After an initial shortlisting process, interested parties spend a whole day with us so we can assess their ability – and they can see how they get on with us. We see any interview as a two-way process and this exercise is an excellent way for all parties to get to know each other.

“We want people to be as open as possible with us so we can see if the chemistry is right.

“We explain to them what sets Design2e aside from the larger consultancies in the industry. They could join a huge company and be part of their graduate scheme, but they might find they end up doing something quite mundane for a considerable amount of time

“Whilst we also run the same accredited graduate training schemes, at Design2e, the workload is much more varied. We are a growing company with currently just under 35 staff and as such all members of the team must play their part and these roles are often multi-faceted.

“We find this situation allows our graduates to develop their technical skills and overall experience at a quicker rate whilst offering them greater responsibility.

“We will always appoint the best candidates, but best doesn’t always mean most qualified. We are looking for enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and a drive to succeed, as well as academic qualifications.”

Design2e has built up strong relationships with the several local and leading universities, which will advertise our Graduate Assessment Days amongst their engineering students.

Typically, Design2e will employ two to three graduates each year from its assessment day.

Some of those hired in previous years are now shining lights at the growing company, including Graduate Structural Engineer Adam James and Graduate Engineer Silia Arnaki.

Design2e is currently based in Cannock but will soon re-locate to Birmingham. The consultancy has a high level of expertise, ranging from structural design, civil engineering and infrastructure design.