Design2e Continues Work At Former Chemical Plant by Design2e

Work has started on the latest phase of refurbishment at a decommissioned chemical works in the North East.

Works to the residue disposal facilities have been ongoing at the Elementis Chromium site in Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, since the chemical plant ceased production in 2009.

Midlands-based engineering and management consultancy Design2e has been commissioned as designer and project manager for the site’s Residue Disposal Facilities since 2012.

The contract includes the production of detailed earthworks, cell cap design and specification, drainage and overland flow modelling, geotechnical testing, the production of a construction quality plan and overall validation.

Chemical cells containing chromium were buried at a depth of 20 metres at the site.

Wayne Holt, Executive Director at Design2e, said: “Every year we produce a design for the area to be refurbished. This is now our fourth tranche of work at this site.

“Working within legislative specification guidance, we have worked to strengthen the clay walls, as well as strengthening and improving the surface layer.

“We have also modelled the profile of the area to ensure that rain runs off and is managed effectively.

“This will be an ongoing process to ensure the residue disposal facility is maintained and managed effectively for years to come.”

As project manager and designer, Design2e, which has recently relocated to central Birmingham, works very closely with the client and undertakes a thorough procurement process and always commissions contractors from the region where possible.

Interviews are conducted and contracts are awarded accordingly. Design2e manages and administers these contracts on site to ensure Elementis Chromium receives transparency of service and overall value.

Design2e has a high level of expertise and experience in project management with its notable contracts including the Left Bank apartments in Birmingham, Mason Hall at the University of Birmingham, and Corby Northern Orbital Road in Corby.